My Wheel

I’m posting something a bit abnormal, a wide angle HDR shot of my car’s front passenger side wheel in my grandma’s driveway out in Stafford, Kansas – shot taken on Sunday afternoon. The tire got dirtied up after my fun time careening down a desolate dirt road in the afternoon north of Stafford at about 60 mph in third and fourth gear with the dirt and dust kicked up by the rear of the car. It’s a fun experience rowing through the gears and watching the dirt fly up behind you – a sense of motion and velocity even if it’s just ground based and in a four cylinder car.

There is going to be a photo showing of my stuff at The Hook Gallery and Framing at 1711 W. 45th Street, KCMO at 45th and State Line in that row of art and antique shops coming up this Friday at 7 pm. Come by. CLICK HERE for a map and directions.

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