Preliminary Photos for Kansas City Traffic Signal Project

On Sunday for a couple hours I gathered some intersection and traffic signal photos as preliminary work for scouting locations and finding types of compositions that a new client is looking for. They design self-optimizing traffic lights and we’re working on producing some promotional and marketing material. These photos are trying to emphasize green traffic signals in relatively busy intersections. I used a step-stool for some of these to get up closer.

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Views of Kansas City From 8th and Harrison

This is my second recent post playing around with the 71 Highway overpasses. Kansas City, Missouri. Most of these are with my long telephoto lens, and the last two with the wide angle and fisheye.

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Downtown Kansas City From The East

For this post I was looking for new spots to shoot from. I stopped along 10th Street at first and then made my way north a bit. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri…

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Kansas City’s 2012 Celebration At The Station

Sunday night Memorial Day Weekend symphony concert at Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri. This was the tenth annual, and my sixth consecutive year getting shots if I’m counting correctly.

Three lenses used in this post, wide-angle, telephoto, and fisheye.

CLICK HERE for last year’s 2011 Celebration At The Station photo post.

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Kansas City – Saturday May 19, 2012

I spent an abnormal amount of time shooting this past Saturday, so I’m dumping 27 photos on to the blog all at once.

In protest of Kansas Senate Bill 79 – the anti-Sharia law bill, a protest took place on the Plaza –

Interior of Boozefish Wine Bar on Westport Road –

View of downtown and the Crossroads from Liberty Memorial –

View of Switzer School/West Junior High on Summit Street in the West Side, taken from Liberty Memorial –

Union Station waiting hall –

Pedestrian bridge between Union Station and Freighthouse –

Union Station exterior up close –

Highway loop and intersections along Truman Road downtown –

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