Out the Plane's Window

For two days this week I had an event photography gig I was working in Arizona – this shot was taken looking out the window of a Southwest Airlines flight from Kansas City to Phoenix this past Wednesday. Of course, the distortion from the fisheye lens makes the Earth appear round, which it is of course but the effect was exaggerated here owing to the lens construction. I wasn’t so lucky to get a window seat on the return trip.

Fisheye lens view out of The Link

This is the third of my five shots from The Link last Saturday near Union Station at Crown Center. With this fisheye lens angle through the windows we can see both Union Station at the right, some flags, and Liberty Memorial up the hill, and a tunnel with people thrown in for good measure.

Backstage at Muriel Kauffman Theatre at the Kauffman Center

I don’t yet fully understand all the technologies at play inside the Kauffman Center. I’ve had them shown to me on a couple of occasions and I wish I could recite what and why this large edifice is hanging down from the ceiling behind the stage of the Muriel Kauffman Theatre but the proper response escapes me at present.

Muriel Kauffman Theatre Under Construction

A fisheye view behind the stage of the Muriel Kauffman Theatre at the Kauffman Center. As you can see there is a level underneath the stage that is made visible from this angle.

Crown Center from The Link

My second of five shots on Saturday night inside The Link skywalk over Pershing and Main downtown. Here you can see my bodily legs and tripod legs to the lower right in the reflections.

On Monday afternoon there was a protest as part of the “Nationwide Red Light Camera Protest” on Valentine’s Day at Southwest Trafficway and 39th Street in Kansas City, in protest of the city’s traffic cameras installed at that location and several others throughout the city.