Kauffman Center Interior - Pt. 2

More pics from my tour of the construction site of the new Kauffman Center building.

I have an idea

I wish it was an American version of Hong Kong. That is all.

Kauffman Center Interior - Pt. 1

On Monday Sept. 20 I went on a tour of the Kauffman Center's interior with a group from Hallmark. Since there were a number of useful photos resulting,  I might stagger this across two or three posts total - so here's Part One.

High Contrast Fountain

The fountain on the south end of Liberty Memorial right by the entrance to the World War I Museum. Actually I had wanted to go to the top of the memorial for skyline photos but was unaware that it's closed on Monday, so I decided the best…

Kauffman Center's One Year To Go Celebration

Sunday evening the Kauffman Center held its One Year To Go concert event with singer Chaka Khan at the Power and Light District. The Kauffman Center was nice enough to allow me media access for some shots, as they used a couple images last night…