17th and Broadway Real Estate

17th and Broadway and the Kauffman Center, February 2011.

I was out in the fog of Sunday morning getting some new shots, among them this of 17th and Broadway in the Crossroads District of KCMO just outside of the downtown loop. If not for the fog you’d see a skyline behind the Kauffman Center from this spot if I recall. The real estate market is said to be an uncertain one in the immediate vicinity of the Kauffman Center, so I figured I’d get my shots in now just in case.

Meanwhile I’ve recently gotten a bit of extra publicity with one of my Libya protestor photos from a week ago.

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Union Station And The Link’s HVAC Reflections

Inside The Link in February

Yet another fisheye lens photo, and my fifth and final shot from my series of photos taken from inside The Link Skywalk between Union Station and Crown Center on the evening of Saturday February 12th. These kind of visually complicated things under the right lighting are pretty much my favorite things to do with photography. The ceiling and HVAC reflections in the glass wouldn’t be nearly so evident without the HDR/tone-mapped processing I applied by taking multiple exposures in-camera and blending them on my computer.

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Another Look at the Kauffman Center On-Site

The remainder of my shots from my visit to the Kauffman Center site on January 28th –

Up Close On The South End of the Building

I was a little upset over my Helzberg Hall ceiling photo below as I was unable to achieve a completely perfect symmetry with the composition.

Helzberg Hall Ceiling

Both shots taken with my fisheye lens. It seems that’s been a popular lens for me to use lately as a lot of my recent stuff has been from using the fisheye.

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Sly James Advances to General Mayoral Election

Last night I attended the watch party for Sly James, one of the primary mayoral race contenders in Kansas City, Missouri. Incumbent mayor Mark Funkhouser was unseated as Sly James and Mike Burke were the top two finishers in the primary, advancing to the general election on March 22 for holding the seat of Mayor of Kansas City Missouri.

After the crowd at Californos Restaurant in Westport received word of James’ advancing to the general election, Jason Kander – Missouri 44th District House Representative introduced Sly and he took the podium.

1) Sly James' Watch Party - after advancing

2) Sly James' Watch Party - Sly with family and friends

3) Sly interviewed by Channel 41

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The Link Skywalk in February Pt. 4

Inside The Link in February

A couple weekends ago I spent some time at sunset inside The Link for the second time this year getting sunset shots looking outward from the edifice toward the streets. In this, Union Station is at left with Crown Center at the right.

Kansas City, Missouri. February 12, 2011.

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