The Western Auto Sign

Western Auto Sign - 1/50 sec. // f/8.0 // 285 mm // ISO 800

On Saturday evening I took part in one of two Kansas City photowalks organized under the Third Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, this past Saturday the 24th. Our walk started near the Freighthouse and wove around the Crossroads area, scheduled between 6 and 8 pm. Right at the end the best lighting hit in tandem with the weather that day, and I managed to snag this shot of the Western Auto sign that I’ve had in the back of my head to try and capture for a long time but have been figuring it could be years or never. After the walk was finished we met up at the Cashew.

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Downtown Skywall

The Sky Wall

From two Friday nights ago on Broadway west of Union Station, the view of the skyline via the telephoto effect at 365 mm of focal length.

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Kauffman Center Geometry

Kauffman Center Construction

Earlier on Friday I noticed at Truman Road somewhere between Grand and Main it would be fun to try a shot of the Kauffman Center with the sunset going down somewhere behind it.

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Cosby Hotel Demolition Reprieve

Cosby Hotel

The 1881 Cosby Hotel – In the local media lately for being saved from demolition at the last minute when it was determined at the pressure of local historic preservationist Adam Jones to leave the building intact. There were conflicting structural reports, but a third one managed to be ordered, confirming that the cost of temporarily fixing the structural problems are far less than demolition costs would be.

See article in the Kansas City Star.

Facebook Petition for saving the Cosby Hotel

Hyperblogal’s post yielded some interesting comments

Tony’s Kansas City

I’m late to the local media party on this, but thought it would be enjoyable to get a shot of the old building kept standing. If you’ll notice, the later, mid-century parking edifices of the effluvial type surrounding the old Cosby are what would be planned for this site in downtown Kansas City now as well. This place loves to tear itself down with glee and replace its building stock with horrid,  singular-use, post-modern dreck.

Anyhoo, photo taken Wednesday evening 7/21/10 at 9 pm, with my fisheye lens (Canon 15mm EF) and my 5D, and some barrel distortions adjusted and then played with in Lightroom.

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Old Downtown KC

Downtown KC Buildings

While taking a Kauffman Center photo from Truman Road on Saturday evening, I noticed I like this view too – all that’s good about the old buildings in KC, the first and second (AMC Mainstreet Theatre and Hotel President) were saved from near demolition. I aimed for kind of a film noir look with this one.

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