A couple more shots from my visit to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts construction site on Tuesday –

Above – looking southeast with the fisheye lens giving a view toward the Crossroads and Crown Center.

Below – facing the front of the building with a view inside the grand lobby, Brandmeyer Great Hall.

February 27, 2011, Theis Park, Kansas City MO

On Sunday Feb. 27 – the day with all the snow, fog, and thunderstorms, I caught this strange snow formation at Theis Park across from the Nelson Atkins Museum along the banks of Brush Creek. Correct me if I’m wrong but in the time I spent there with the camera on the tripod, it looked like I could see the tides of Brush Creek receding back in to where the water is actually supposed to be contained. Prior to that it was overflowing into a low-lying portion of the park by the creek. I thought the snow arrangement here yielded a bit of visual shape.

12th Street Bridge Architecture

Last Sunday in the West Bottoms I thought it would be fun to try and see about bringing out the 12th Street Bridge meanness while a train passed beneath.

Scene from the Kansas City Board of Trade in December 2010.

While one of my coworkers at the Board of Trade neared her due date, I took a couple photos of her, highly pregnant in the staff jacket on the trading floor, and also had a bit of extra time for some random photos on the trading floor a little bit before Christmas. There’s not much happening in the market for hard red winter wheat in December of most years as the crop is only busy lying in the ground waiting to sprout in the spring, as it is now.

A few times before I’ve had a good time making some symmetrical architectural doo-dads with the computer. For this one I used a photo I took a few days ago nearing the evening as workers were putting some touches on the Kauffman Center’s ongoing construction.

Photoshop-imposed symmetrical look upon the city's skyline and its construction.

And the photo it derived from, edited and made B&W for my whims prior to having the idea to do the symmetrical thing above.

Kauffman Center Construction, November 29, 2010.