4840 Roanoke Construction – Former West Edge Site

Photos of the just-started 4840 Roanoke building construction off the Plaza in Kansas City. This project replaces the West Edge building recently demolished before it reached completion.

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Manhattan Street Scenes Part Two

Second round of pictures from the streets of Lower Manhattan, NYC on November 11, 2011.

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New York – One World Trade Center Construction Aerials Part Two

Second round of shots taken the late afternoon of November 10th from a helicopter above Lower Manhattan as we circled around the World Trade Center site.

CLICK for Part One

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New York – Aerials of One World Trade Center Tower Construction Progress in November ’11

I wanted to get some aerial shots of the new One World Trade Center tower in New York before they top it off and finish cladding it with glass. I had a little time and (barely) enough money to go this past week. These aerials were taken on the afternoon of Thursday November 10th a day after I arrived. I figure it should make at least some business sense to get progress shots of a construction project of this magnitude.

The September 11th Memorial, as I understand it, as accessible if you call ahead and schedule a visit – I think. I didn’t have a lot of time while there to investigate every detail. I took a little over 500 shots while in the helicopter above Lower Manhattan, and on Sunday when I got back to Kansas City and got the pics onto the computer, chopped that down to 100 or so, with still some more selection to do and some editing to do on a few additional ones.

The Wed. morning Nov. 9th flight from KC to NY – Laguardia.


CLICK for Part Two 

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Kauffman Center Opening Night Exterior Photos

Ten shots of the new Kauffman Center in Kansas City lit up on its opening night, Friday, September 16, and one shot at the end showing construction progress in November 2009.

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