Kansas City’s Crossroads District from Webster House Garage, Part 2

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Kansas City’s Crossroads District from Webster House Garage, Part 1

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Around the Crossroads District Along Wyandotte Street

Photos from Saturday evening in the Crossroads after taking the Roasterie airplane photos posted yesterday – Kansas City, MO.

MAX bus shelter across from the Kauffman Center:

Webster House and the Kauffman Center:

After turning around…

I climbed a chain link fence, tearing up my jeans and underwear, to get these rooftop skyline shots from along Baltimore:

View of the Kauffman Center’s southeast side from the roof of the one-story building on Baltimore St:

Artistic guardrails over the highway along Wyandotte Street across from the Convention Center Ballroom:

North side of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts from the Convention Center:

View toward Crown Center from the Convention Center:

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Arts District Garage at the Kauffman Center

Photos Friday morning just after 6am at the Kauffman Center’s Arts District Garage – downtown Kansas City MO.

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Downtown Kansas City Around 20th & McGee

I thought this would be a new and maybe interesting place for angles on the city. I might have been wrong as this part of downtown Kansas City is one urban planning blunder after another, but I tried to make something decent looking from it. There are weeds growing out of the sidewalks and a huge parking lot at 20th, and a desolate feeling as there’s mostly nothing around but office uses, at least south up the hill on McGee. When you get north toward 20th there’s just too much parking to have much of a real city there until you move up to about 19th. There are all kinds of holes the 20th Century left in this city still needing to be patched.

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