Protest in Kansas City against Israeli military activity toward Gaza

Sunday afternoon in Kansas City MO near Nichols Fountain on the Plaza – protest of Israeli military assaults on Gaza.

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Trayvon Martin Rally in Kansas City on Monday

As many of you know there was a large rally on the Plaza in Kansas City on Monday afternoon – I stopped by and got a few shots of the large crowd.

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Kansas City Protest of Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad – Sunday March 18

As conflict goes on between rebels and Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad government, a protest took place again on the Plaza Sunday afternoon.

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Kansas City’s Protest Against Syria’s Assad Regime Sunday

Another protest this week on Sunday was held near Nichols Fountain on the Plaza against Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad and his government. People from the mideast living in Kansas City have done a good job of holding solidarity protests alongside the overthrow of mid-eastern dictators over the past year.


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Protest in Kansas City on Sunday Against Assad Regime in Syria

A protest took place Sunday afternoon (Feb 19 2012) on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO against the corrupt Bashar government in Syria. Widespread atrocities are reported in Syria at present, though it mostly goes unnoticed in the American media.

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