Pics mostly pointed at the Kansas City Missouri skyline on Sunday night from the vantage point of near some steps at Liberty Memorial. The first two were taken with my Canon 24-105 L lens and the remaining with my 100-400 L, with my lucky 5D Mark II dslr. 8/21/2011.

Six shots taken Tuesday evening from Broadway while standing on the bridge above the railroad tracks behind Union Station.

I hopped around the Crossroads yesterday evening on First Friday with a friend who encouraged me to go do something. I used three lenses, the fisheye, my wide angle, and my telephoto for these 21 shots affixed to my Canon 5D MK II – August 5, 2011. The somewhat unexpected below-100 degree weather made the evening more bearable for everyone.

More shots from a place I’ve stood before. At the end I scouted another skyline angle across the street I’m going to try sometime too. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, Thursday, 07/14/11

After my taekwondo class ended I grabbed my camera bag last night and ran out to the plot of land that the “L-Shaped House” used to sit on, intending to get some Kauffman Center construction telephoto shots. Instead I was more fond of the general downtown skyline pictures I nabbed, until it started raining so hard I had to stop. Hopefully the Canon 5D Mark II camera is weather sealed really nice, as it did get rained upon quite a bit in my mad dash back to the car.

Above: Part of downtown including the Bartle Hall Skystations and the One Kansas City Place building, Kansas City, Missouri not long before it started raining hard.

Below: A view across the Crossroads District toward Crown Center and Liberty Memorial. I-35 traffic in the foreground.

-Evening of May 11, 2011.