Hanging around Oppenstein Park at 12th and Walnut in downtown Kansas City one evening for fisheye dusk shots. The fisheye lens seemed most suitable since there’s a lot of circularity present in the small urban park.

Last week I worked on a photo gig involving getting some wide shots, mostly with the fisheye lens, of some of the windows at the K-State Olathe Campus Innovation Center out past K-10 and I-435. These two shots were what the client picked for further use – both taken at sunrise.

Fourteen fisheye lens photos from Sunday evening 1/29/12 in what’s come to be known as the Library District, on 10th Street generally between Wyandotte and Main.

Second round of these shots from last Saturday afternoon. The first few are from Crown Center above Grand Avenue and some at the end are from the 10th and Wyandotte skywalk between the hotels.

For the lulz I took a round of snaps Friday afternoon at the Kauffman Center with only my fisheye lens, hoping to promulgate new things both weird and strange. Hopefully I succeeded if even just a little.