Photos of the Vine Street Workhouse near 18th and Vine, Kansas City, Missouri – built in 1897. More info at

…and one ending shot of my beer at Twin City Tavern on Westport Road and State Line at the end.

On Thursday evening I shot photos of the Sun Pavilion solar panel installation on the south lawn of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. The temporary installation is part of the Museum’s World’s Fairs exhibit currently running.

Ten photos taken Monday evening of the former AMC Mainstreet Theatre, which recently became the the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. I licensed a few photos of this place to AMC not long after they opened back in 2008 I believe it was – and with the ownership change-up I figured I’d grab a few new ones. If they eventually modify the signage more-so than just the removal of the AMC logo, maybe it will warrant some more shots later.

I’m working on a project with the creative director at Rhythm Engineering, one of Kansas City’s fastest growing young companies – and designers of advanced “self-optimizing” traffic lights. On Thursday we shot a number of photos downtown and the Plaza. These are wide-angle and fisheye lens shots of local intersections with an emphasis placed on movement and flowing traffic – although I still need to hit up the Plaza today (Saturday) while it’s busier with people on the sidewalks and so-forth. Once all the shots are compiled and picked, they’re to be used for Rhythm’s marketing, advertising, and graphics uses.

For all eleven of these, I was shooting at a very low ISO of 50 and narrow apertures between f/18 and f/22, all to slow the shutter speed down to between a fifth and a tenth of a second so that the moving traffic would appear blurred, and thus help convey a sense of motion.

Aerial photos of the Kit Bond Bridge over the Missouri River, from my flight for downtown Kansas City aerials on Monday, June 18, 2012.