Twenty very recent shots from downtown Kansas City. I’m getting a better feel for what kind of stock photo material sells and I’ve been feeling motivated these last few days.

First, there is a local client who wants a north side fisheye view close up of the Kauffman Center post-construction. The first day I went out it clouded up on me on short notice:

Then on Sunday after the snow melted I went and re-shot since they are more interested in an uncloudy view:

…although I wonder if the discoloration on the sidewalk because of the salt will be a problem. Following are some more fisheye Kauffman Center shots –

Then that evening I went to the top of the garage at 13th & Grand downtown for some fancy sunset shots, where I realized the state of disrepair my tripod is in. The wobbliness made most of the pictures blurry rubbish, but these are what I did (barely) get with an insecure tripod head:

Some Kauffman Center and AMC Mainstreet Theater shots…

The next night (MLK Day) after having something tightened on the tripod head I went out to 12th and Main:

On Tuesday afternoon/evening I went to Penn Valley Park to get yellowish late afternoon skyline photos. The tripod came undone once again so most of these are handheld, and the fact that I was freezing my hands off with no gloves meant I wasn’t going to wait for it to get dark blue in the sky…

The tents housing the good folks of Occupy Kansas City during the cold January weather…

Because I still get a fairly noticeable amount of traffic to this one post back in June of shots of the Ferment stainless steel tree sculpture by Roxy Paine on the grounds of the Nelson Atkins Museum, I decided to go back and get more and do a web traffic experiment. Sunset on 12/22/2011.

Parting shot of one of the row of trees on the grounds of the Nelson.

A drive to downtown Kansas City, which included parking a few times to take pictures. Monday night, Sept 5 ’11.

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Pics mostly pointed at the Kansas City Missouri skyline on Sunday night from the vantage point of near some steps at Liberty Memorial. The first two were taken with my Canon 24-105 L lens and the remaining with my 100-400 L, with my lucky 5D Mark II dslr. 8/21/2011.

More shots from a place I’ve stood before. At the end I scouted another skyline angle across the street I’m going to try sometime too. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, Thursday, 07/14/11