Pictures from Wednesday night of the “Float” installation of hammocks by artist Jarrett Mellenbruch across from the Kauffman Center on the south lawn of the Kansas City Convention Center Ballroom. The hammocks are open to lie in 24/7 now through September.

First, a shot of the Convention Center with the Kauffman Center outline reflected in the windows –

And hammocks…

I spent an abnormal amount of time shooting this past Saturday, so I’m dumping 27 photos on to the blog all at once.

In protest of Kansas Senate Bill 79 – the anti-Sharia law bill, a protest took place on the Plaza –

Interior of Boozefish Wine Bar on Westport Road –

View of downtown and the Crossroads from Liberty Memorial –

View of Switzer School/West Junior High on Summit Street in the West Side, taken from Liberty Memorial –

Union Station waiting hall –

Pedestrian bridge between Union Station and Freighthouse –

Union Station exterior up close –

Highway loop and intersections along Truman Road downtown –

It’s been a few months since any new photos from the interior of my car and I hadn’t tried any with the Kauffman Center yet…

Because I get a noticeable enough amount of incoming search traffic for the Kauffman Center and photos of it, I decided it would be a good idea to make a new website dedicated to my shots I’ve compiled over the past three years of the building, from interior and exterior to construction and completion phases. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a domain name dedicated to the collection. The exterior shots not requiring property releases are available for print and licensing purchases.

Check it out:

I found a new spot on top of a Crossroads parking garage a couple weeks ago that affords a near unimpeded view of the front of the Kauffman Center – Sunday I went back to nab a close up with my telephoto lens.

Last week I grabbed some new Kauffman Center shots – some from standing in different locations on the site than I have before – and duplicating some past shots but under sunset lighting conditions also, such as the front facing fisheye shots highlighting the steel cabling holding up the “glass curtain” on the south side of the building. A lot of my website traffic derives from searches for the Kauffman Center so it makes sense to continue populating the Internet with keyworded images of the building.