“A Wicked Little Town”

I had reasons to be at 18th and Jefferson Monday night for photos, but those plans didn’t work right so instead I went beyond the open fence on the open plot of land where the “L-Shaped house” used to sit and did a couple shots with the trees and the I-35 traffic and the skyline with the new Kauffman Center building being shown off in the distance.

My friend Tony’s Kansas City has recently taken to referring to Kansas City as a “wicked little town,” on occasion. Which I think is hilarious. So much so that I think the Convention and Visitor’s Association should be a bit riskier and  re-brand our city as a wicked little town – which could boost tourism and conventions, furthering the downtown renaissance which we could then give Tony credit for in the end.

Anyway, two pics from Monday night June 13, a wicked little town in the early summer…

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Kansas City As Storms Rolled In

After my taekwondo class ended I grabbed my camera bag last night and ran out to the plot of land that the “L-Shaped House” used to sit on, intending to get some Kauffman Center construction telephoto shots. Instead I was more fond of the general downtown skyline pictures I nabbed, until it started raining so hard I had to stop. Hopefully the Canon 5D Mark II camera is weather sealed really nice, as it did get rained upon quite a bit in my mad dash back to the car.

Above: Part of downtown including the Bartle Hall Skystations and the One Kansas City Place building, Kansas City, Missouri not long before it started raining hard.

Below: A view across the Crossroads District toward Crown Center and Liberty Memorial. I-35 traffic in the foreground.

-Evening of May 11, 2011.

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The Kansas City Skyline Scene

Downtown Kansas City Skyline #1

I was asked by a local client to try and duplicate a previous photo I took last summer that at the time had more cranes in the foreground working on the Kauffman Center construction. Now there’s a demand for shots with the cranes gone, although one remains in these shots it is not very prominently seen. The first shot above is my attempt to duplicate last summer’s photo as precisely as I could figure out how. It helped having my iPhone to view the original on the screen from my own site and compare with the display on my camera as I composed this shot. I took a couple extra shots as well while the lighting was good, seen below.

Downtown Kansas City Skyline #2

Downtown Kansas City Skyline #3

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Tilted and Colorful Downtown KCMO

KCMO Skyline and LIberty Memorial Grounds

This was one of my three photos I came away with (Saturday’s post being another) from my time over near the Federal Reserve building with my telephoto lens trying to capture both parts of the Liberty Memorial grounds along with the skyline after the snowfall last week. Photo taken Friday, Feb. 4 a little after sunset.

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KCMO Skyline and Liberty Memorial Grounds With Snow

Kansas City MO Skyline with LIberty Memorial

I was intending for shots from Liberty Memorial’s overlook area of the downtown skyline, but it was closed off due to the mess the blizzard left behind. After I was leaving I looked left out my window and noticed from around in front of the driveway of the Federal Reserve building you have this view (via telephoto lens) of part of the downtown skyline.

– evening of Friday, Feb. 4, 2011 –

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