Kansas City Skyline and Roasterie's DC3 Plane


Kauffman Center Construction in Feb 2011

Back on Sunday February 27th at sunrise there was a good dose of fog all over the city. This is one of my Kauffman Center shots I took that morning.

Kauffman Center on the foggy morning of Sunday 2/27/2011

As you might have noticed I’ve accumulated a lot of Kauffman Center shots lately. What ones I post for the time being will likely focus on the exterior as I gather more over time as the building nears completion and opening in September. Due to the fog on the morning I took this the downtown skyline is obscured from view behind the Kauffman Center building.

On this photo my method was a bit atypical as I still used my ultra-wide angle lens (Canon EF 16-35 L II f/2.8) but I shot with it at 27mm instead of my normal very wide 16mm that the lens allows. It was a “framing” issue that called for it in this instance.

The fog Sunday morning makes it look like there’s nothing behind the Kauffman Center.

17th and Broadway and the Kauffman Center, February 2011.

I was out in the fog of Sunday morning getting some new shots, among them this of 17th and Broadway in the Crossroads District of KCMO just outside of the downtown loop. If not for the fog you’d see a skyline behind the Kauffman Center from this spot if I recall. The real estate market is said to be an uncertain one in the immediate vicinity of the Kauffman Center, so I figured I’d get my shots in now just in case.

Meanwhile I’ve recently gotten a bit of extra publicity with one of my Libya protestor photos from a week ago.