Kansas City’s Protest Against Syria’s Assad Regime Sunday

Another protest this week on Sunday was held near Nichols Fountain on the Plaza against Syria's Bashar Al-Assad and his government. People from the mideast living in Kansas City have done a good job of holding solidarity protests alongside the…

Through the Airplane Window

The sun god smiling upon the worlds, in November 2011 on a flight from New York to Kansas City.

Kauffman Center Front Fisheye

Playing around with the fisheye lens and the steel cabling holding up the "glass curtain" at the Kauffman Center in Kansas City, engineered by Novum Structures.

Protest in Kansas City on Sunday Against Assad Regime in Syria

A protest took place Sunday afternoon (Feb 19 2012) on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO against the corrupt Bashar government in Syria. Widespread atrocities are reported in Syria at present, though it mostly goes unnoticed in the American media.…

River Market – Delaware and Walnut Streets

Some photos from the River Market in Kansas City after it snowed this week. The tilts are so the edges of the photos line up with the lines of the buildings, and to show vanishing points down the streets, and so forth... …

Under the 12th Street Bridge

From walking around the part still blocked off to car traffic, underneath the 12th Street Bridge on Sunday afternoon.

At Paseo and Linwood in Kansas City

I wanted to try and grab some up close fisheye shots of the unique old traffic signal in the middle of the intersection at Paseo and Linwood, and also stuck around for some shots of a couple other notable buildings along with some abandoned…

Downtown Kansas City Street Scenes Along Grand Avenue

Wide angle lens shots with some long-exposure bus motion along Grand Avenue between 9th and 11th Streets, downtown Kansas City MO.

Update on West Edge Demolition Plus Geese By Brush Creek

One afternoon last week I walked from my West Plaza dwelling down to the demolition site of the West Edge project on the Plaza, and to Brush Creek where the geese were grazing.

Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park in Downtown Kansas City

Hanging around Oppenstein Park at 12th and Walnut in downtown Kansas City one evening for fisheye dusk shots. The fisheye lens seemed most suitable since there's a lot of circularity present in the small urban park.

Kansas City’s West Bottoms at Sunset

Photos from the edge of the Quality Hill area near the 12th Street Bridge in downtown Kansas City MO looking westward toward the West Bottoms at sunset. Below: hint - it's tilted so that the trains…

Protest of Russian Election Results on Saturday

Saturday afternoon a small protest was held at Mill Creek Park on the Plaza in Kansas City against the fraudulent Russian elections that took place at the end of last year. The group was also joined by some members of the Occupy Kansas City…

Photo Shoot For Window Advertising

Last week I worked on a photo gig involving getting some wide shots, mostly with the fisheye lens, of some of the windows at the K-State Olathe Campus Innovation Center out past K-10 and I-435. These two shots were what the client picked for…