Trayvon Martin Rally in Kansas City on Monday

As many of you know there was a large rally on the Plaza in Kansas City on Monday afternoon - I stopped by and got a few shots of the large crowd.

All Around the Outside of the Kauffman Center

Last week I grabbed some new Kauffman Center shots - some from standing in different locations on the site than I have before - and duplicating some past shots but under sunset lighting conditions also, such as the front facing fisheye shots…

Crossroads District Residential Area At Dusk

Shots from just south of Southwest Boulevard and behind Union Station near the Freighthouse, Kansas City Missouri.

Kansas City Protest of Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad – Sunday March 18

As conflict goes on between rebels and Syria's Bashar Al-Assad government, a protest took place again on the Plaza Sunday afternoon.

House Under Demolition on Southwest Trafficway, KCMO

A large old house around 34th and Southwest Trafficway was just demolished this past week. These shots were taken on Tuesday on the grounds of the shuttered Norman School (one of the KCMO school district's closed schools). I drove by again on…

Downtown Kansas City During the Big 12 Tournament

Last Saturday I went downtown to collect some potential stock images for future sale with downtown all busy, although I kind of failed at capturing anything related to the Big 12 tournament going on as everyone was inside the Sprint Center during…

West Edge Demolition Progress on March 5, 2012

Updated progress shots of the demolition job of the West Edge project on the Plaza - Kansas City, Missouri. Monday March 5th.

Graffiti Tagged Bus Stop at 48th & Roanoke

On Monday I went out for some progress shots on the West Edge project demolition - at the end I shot this pic of a graffiti tagged bus shelter at 48th and Roanoke, Kansas City, MO.