Referring to matters of copyright usage, compliance, and infringement – another photographer penned this article already, so I am thankfully linking to it here.


“So your company has been found using my photos without permission. What next?” 

ImageRights and Pixsy are two copyright enforcement agents specializing in legal work on behalf of photographers. These organizations and their partnered copyright attorney firms have authorization to pursue unauthorized use of my copyrights on my behalf.

Dos and Donts: 

Do: direct all communication and correspondence directly to the representing attorney

Don’t: Please do not email me or call me relentlessly (or once)

Don’t: Write in claiming to be gathering pricing quotes on stock photography usage and/or assignment photography estimates

Don’t: Ask to befriend me on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn

Et cetera.

I am using the boosted income for such frivolities as more timely student loan paydowns and occasional Roth IRA contributions. And lovely things like brake pads. And Brillo pads too.