Skyscrapers of Chicago’s downtown loop from a vacant area of Grant Park for safe drone operations (around some baseball diamonds) on August 14, 2017. Aon Tower, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Prudential buildings. A lot of insurance stuff.

For full legal compliance, I am shooting these within the guidelines of the FAA’s Part 107 drone/unmanned aerial vehicle requirements. These drone aerials come from the built-in mirrorless camera on a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The camera controls allow me to customize functions such that I can take the same basic RAW stills with a drone as from a Canon (or Nikon) on the ground. I simply set the proper camera preferences prior to launching the bird. After that, the rest is all about minding safety and then guiding the bird into a nice spot to compose some decent shots.

Skyscrapers of Chicago's Downtown Loop
Skyscrapers of Chicago's Downtown Loop

Chicago album so far on my portfolio site / Yesterday’s blog post: Chicago Panoramic Aerial

…and here again is that drone flight planning screenshot from (same August 14th drone op as previous blog post).

Chicago Loop Skyline Aerial Panoramic Pic