Kansas City Downtown and Kauffman – a follow-on from another late 2020 KCMO skyline pic, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in foreground, Kansas City, MO skyline in background.

A decade ago now, I was a young man who was fortunate enough to be able to have an inside witness view of the Kauffman Center construction. The magnitude of the civic impact did not go unnoticed. Obviously for now the place has been devoid of activity, until herd immunity to the Coronavirus is achieved. But back to the Kauffman Center. I was and continue to be so thankful for some of insider views that some in charge were kind enough to allow me. It was also the first major building project I was involved with where I quite well came to discern the level intellectual property theft and all-around scumbag thievery that commercial and corporate interests in America and the world over will resort to in order to believe they are saving five dollars on their quarterly bottom line. Trust me, an arts contractor sees things. SEES THINGS.

Kansas City Downtown and Kauffman