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Liberty Memorial and Kansas City Skyscrapers

Last Friday evening during the blizzard recovery I was wanting some skyline shots with the snow. After trudging through the mess that was Liberty Memorial I realized that vantage point would be impossible, so I went near part of the Federal Reserve driveway and went wild with the telephoto. From left to right is the […]

The Garment District, Frozen Over

On Saturday evening over by the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant in the old Garment District around 8th and Broadway. I was right by the remainder of the Folger’s Coffee Plant in taking this shot. It’s the frigidness we’re stuck in until about tomorrow as over the next several days it’s supposed to warm up and […]

The Grand Lobby in the Kauffman Center – under construction

Two weeks ago I had the chance again to go inside the Kauffman Center construction site for photography. For this post I’m highlighting my three fisheye-lens shots taken from the top level off the edge as close to the center as I could get. The Lobby will be called the Brandmeyer Great Hall. The Kauffman […]

Tilted and Colorful Downtown KCMO

This was one of my three photos I came away with (Saturday’s post being another) from my time over near the Federal Reserve building with my telephoto lens trying to capture both parts of the Liberty Memorial grounds along with the skyline after the snowfall last week. Photo taken Friday, Feb. 4 a little after […]

Protest In Kansas City of Egypt’s Mubarak Regime

On Sunday afternoon (Feb. 6, 2011) from 2 to 4 pm another large rally was held at Mill Creek Park on the Plaza for Egypt and against the Hosni Mubarak presidency currently under protest back in Egypt. This demonstration in Kansas City is the second in one week as the political situation in Egypt worsens. […]