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Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit

I’d been wanting to get a shot of the dinosaur prop outside Union Station under decent lighting. 7:35 pm, October 3, 2010.  

Symmetrical Skyline

Something to pass the weekend with – I took the original photo on top of Liberty Memorial on Thursday, and thought it would be fun to apply some fancy Photoshoppin’ to get a symmetrical looking  skyline photo.  

Kauffman Center Interior – Pt. 2

More pics from my tour of the construction site of the new Kauffman Center building.  

I have an idea

I wish it was an American version of Hong Kong. That is all.  

Kauffman Center Interior – Pt. 1

On Monday Sept. 20 I went on a tour of the Kauffman Center’s interior with a group from Hallmark. Since there were a number of useful photos resulting,  I might stagger this across two or three posts total – so here’s Part One.