After my taekwondo class ended I grabbed my camera bag last night and ran out to the plot of land that the “L-Shaped House” used to sit on, intending to get some Kauffman Center construction telephoto shots. Instead I was more fond of the general downtown skyline pictures I nabbed, until it started raining so hard I had to stop. Hopefully the Canon 5D Mark II camera is weather sealed really nice, as it did get rained upon quite a bit in my mad dash back to the car.

Above: Part of downtown including the Bartle Hall Skystations and the One Kansas City Place building, Kansas City, Missouri not long before it started raining hard.

Below: A view across the Crossroads District toward Crown Center and Liberty Memorial. I-35 traffic in the foreground.

-Evening of May 11, 2011.

A couple more shots from April 3, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA –

Above: Rowhouses in Philadelphia’s Society Hill area.

Below: In the pedestrian walk-through area of Philadelphia’s City Hall building in Center City.

A couple shots from my visit to Puerto Rico back in March that I just now processed…

Above: Inside Castillo de San Cristobal in the Old San Juan National Historic Site.

Below: Cll Odonell next to Plaza de Colón in the heart of Old San Juan.

Above – at the top of a garage at 9th looking south down Central St. toward the new terminal view of the north side of the Kauffman Center with the Bartle Hall Skystation pylons.

Below – in the garage elevator bank looking through the glass with the camera and tripod viewable in the reflection at left.

For the first shot it made geometric sense to keep the camera/tripod level, while in the second photo a different angle was needed given the interior combined with a wide angle lens.

-evening of Sunday May 8, ’11.

A couple shots from Saturday afternoon at the Guadalupe Center for their weekend-long Cinco de Mayo festival. I took shots at the Sly James inauguration picnic at Starlight Theatre, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a couple of those coming soon as well.

Above: Looking east down Avenida Cesar Chavez past the Guadalupe Center and several blocks, with a view toward the side of Union Station with the I-35 bridge running in between.

Below: Performances and dancing in the Guadalupe Center