I snapped this a couple weeks ago from Penn Valley Memorial Park near the IOU/USA container art display when I was gathering shots there.

Taken Saturday evening 9/10/11, one weekend prior to the grand opening events of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City MO.

One of my awesome insider tipsters texted letting me know that the Kauffman Center’s exterior flood lights were reddening the new edifice on Friday night. The Kauffman Center will be having its grand opening next weekend.

Lollygagging around this area the other afternoon…

Protip to one or two dopes in the comments sections of my favorite Kansas City blogger Tony’s Kansas City that there’s no special “star filter” for when the sun shines like this, it’s shooting with a narrow aperture (this was at f/16). When it’s that narrow the lens aperture blades refract the light in the same shape of the aperture onto the sensor (or film). You’re my community service for the day.


This was an f/10 aperture; you’ll notice the “starburst” look isn’t as pronounced now with a wider aperture and more protons flying through the wider aperture and onto the sensor.



^Did a symmetrical photoshop hoo-haa with it.

A drive to downtown Kansas City, which included parking a few times to take pictures. Monday night, Sept 5 ’11.

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