Inside The Link

On Sunday I had a good time in the afternoon and evening getting some new shots just for fun. I started in the West Bottoms and ended inside The Link, the windowed above-street tunnel between Union Station and Crown Center. I’m actually posting my photos in backwards order, as this one was my final for the evening. I get a little excited in photographic terms when dealing with all kinds of shapes in front of me combined with the potential for fun light reflections and so on. I ended up using my fisheye lens for my three shots I took inside The Link (this and two forthcoming). Most fun I’d had taking pictures of something in awhile.

Note: I’ve updated my portfolio site’s home page with an updated slideshow of my stuff from August through end of December 2010. Click Here

Holy Name Church at 23rd and Benton, Pre-Demolition

We have the Holy Name Church at 23rd and Benton Boulevard on Kansas City’s east side, now facing imminent demolition with the owner of the old church building telling a judge he will indeed foot the bill for its demolition instead of the city.

Construction on this old church began in 1911 but wasn’t completed until the late 20s. The historical significance of the church as it aligns with Kansas City’s place in American history (MLK’s assassination and the Kansas City riots of 1968) can be detailed at this blog posting, and also a good write up of the situation as this pertains to Kansas City’s present situation in preservation of the built environment can be seen at a forum I used to visit, in the first post of this thread (click here). Hat tip to a contact there who got in touch with me over getting this shot before they knock down this old Gothic-style building. Also seen at Tony’s Kansas City and The Kansas City Star.

You could say there’s a slight bit of irony in the old church sitting across the street now from residential infill houses that when viewed out of context, would make you think you were in one of the suburbs like Lenexa or Blue Springs – as evidenced by the late-80s looking split-level house to the far right in the background of the photo.

Photo from evening of Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 23rd and Benton Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri.

The Plaza Medical Building with high-rise residential behind.

While getting shots Sunday evening I nabbed this view from the top of the garage on 47th looking southeast toward the Plaza Medical Building in the lower foreground and the old high-rise condo and apartment buildings along Ward Parkway towering behind.

Scene from the Kansas City Board of Trade in December 2010.

While one of my coworkers at the Board of Trade neared her due date, I took a couple photos of her, highly pregnant in the staff jacket on the trading floor, and also had a bit of extra time for some random photos on the trading floor a little bit before Christmas. There’s not much happening in the market for hard red winter wheat in December of most years as the crop is only busy lying in the ground waiting to sprout in the spring, as it is now.

Plaza Lights from 47th St.

Something from Sunday evening, January 2nd along 47th on the Plaza. I haven’t done any Plaza lights photography this season at all, or much other photography for that matter – due to a lot of things I’ve been having to take care of lately. But I’d been meaning to try and get a view from this particular spot in this garage looking toward the intersection. Of course the reality of it is always different than how you envision beforehand in your head, then you just try and compose around what you’ve got in front of you.