A Kansas City Star article can cover the details of Missouri Proposition C. Groups both for and against the law concerning the recent health care reform bill protested at the same time, yesterday at 5 in Mill Creek Park/Nichols Fountain on the Plaza. Six photos –


Trains at Union Station - 1/100 sec. // f/7.1 // 220 mm // ISO 1000

A shot from early on in the Worldwide Photowalk on Sat. July 24th. We’d started at the Freighthouse went from there, with this taken from Main between Pershing and 20th.

Kauffman Center Construction - varied exposures // f/18 // 285 mm // ISO 500

The Kauffman Center’s ongoing construction as seen from about Pershing and Broadway on July 16, 2010.

In other news I’m without my wide angle lens for the time being as it somehow mysteriously acquired a zoom ring problem, and I’ve had to ship the lens to Canon. It would be nice if I hadn’t sold the old 17-40 L f/4 when I upgraded to my currently faulty 16-35 L f/2.8.

Yellow Cab - 1/80 sec. // f/8.0 // 220 mm // ISO 640

I read a few weeks ago that Ford will be completely discontinuing production of the Crown Victoria, the staple of cabs and police cars, next year. By that, I might grab a few extra police car and taxi cab photographs as I go, while the current new and late model fleet vehicles age and are retired. Many current city scene photos may start to seem antebellum more quickly.

Also, I see the cab business in KCMO has picked over the last few five years I’d guess. Something I notice all over the midtown area that wasn’t as frequent as before, and they’ve picked up a lot downtown also, going by my unscientific, purely visual observations.

Cabs running around. Sounds like it could be some kind of trailing economic indicator replete with both correlations and inversions.

This taxi shot is from my time on Saturday evening at the Worldwide Photowalk. Here I was looking eastward across Grand, where that vast parking lagoon shows what’s across the street the next block over too. That’s another win for Kansas City real estate.

Western Auto Sign - 1/50 sec. // f/8.0 // 285 mm // ISO 800

On Saturday evening I took part in one of two Kansas City photowalks organized under the Third Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, this past Saturday the 24th. Our walk started near the Freighthouse and wove around the Crossroads area, scheduled between 6 and 8 pm. Right at the end the best lighting hit in tandem with the weather that day, and I managed to snag this shot of the Western Auto sign that I’ve had in the back of my head to try and capture for a long time but have been figuring it could be years or never. After the walk was finished we met up at the Cashew.