Under the 12th Street Bridge

From walking around the part still blocked off to car traffic, underneath the 12th Street Bridge on Sunday afternoon.

Twelfth Street Bridge Imposing

Last Sunday in the West Bottoms I thought it would be fun to try and see about bringing out the 12th Street Bridge meanness while a train passed beneath.

West Bottoms Sunrise - No Photo Show

Something almost random I took at the 12th Street Bridge in the West Bottoms at sunrise back in October that I never got around to posting. There's some long-exposure train motion in there which was why I ran over to compose as quickly as…

The 12th Street Bridge From My Back Seat

Like I noted on Monday, it can be fun to take pictures of outdoor things from inside something. I got the idea to take an HDR photo of something from inside my car after seeing this fun photo from Times Square. In my case it was the 12th…