On the Main St. MAX Bus

From the Plaza north to downtown to get my car, Saturday May 5.

Graffiti Tagged Bus Stop at 48th & Roanoke

On Monday I went out for some progress shots on the West Edge project demolition - at the end I shot this pic of a graffiti tagged bus shelter at 48th and Roanoke, Kansas City, MO.

Red Light Traffic Camera Protest in Kansas City

This Saturday 1-28-2012 a small protest took place at 39th and Southwest Trafficway in Kansas City MO. A recent study came out by the Kansas City Police Department indicating that the cameras do nothing for traffic safety except perhaps making…

West Plaza Black & White at Night

I was coming back from a local bar on foot and saw some stuff I figured I'd try getting with the ISO cranked to 4000 and the aperture wide to 3.5 or so - still having to hold still. I stopped in and grabbed my camera and put on its wide angle…

Photo Tip for TKC Commenters from 12th and Wyandotte

Lollygagging around this area the other afternoon... Protip to one or two dopes in the comments sections of my favorite Kansas City blogger Tony's Kansas City that there's no special "star filter" for when the sun shines…