A bunch of shots I took one evening last week along Broadway between 8th and 10th Streets, downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Finishing up what I’m posting of new stuff I’ve conjured up to submit for the Green Exposures photo project with the KCMO Parks Department, I went to the small Pioneer Park in Westport right next to the busy intersection of Broadway and Westport Road. This sculpture group is called “The Pioneers” by Tom Beard. I assume it’s a tribute to the first settlers of Westport before it merged with the Town of Kansas, later to all become KCMO. I see there’s a beer bottle in one shot I’ll need to get rid of in Photoshop before sending it in.

Two shots from last night near the Kauffman Center construction site at 16th and Broadway. The Broadway overpass above the southwest part of the loop has been removed so there’s a detour set up.

Above: Detour

Below: North side of the Kauffman Center

-evening of Sunday, May 15, 2011.

The old Garment District in downtown Kansas City, MIssouri - February 2011

On Saturday evening over by the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant in the old Garment District around 8th and Broadway. I was right by the remainder of the Folger’s Coffee Plant in taking this shot. It’s the frigidness we’re stuck in until about tomorrow as over the next several days it’s supposed to warm up and melt off a lot of the blizzard from last week.

Keeping an eye out for new angles on the Kauffman Center building, I stopped again along Broadway west of Union Station on Friday evening and came away with several shots.