Downtown Kansas City Fisheye Photos

Photos from Saturday evening January 5, 2013 with just my fisheye lens (Canon EF 15 MM) on my Canon 5D II, between 11th and 12th Streets, Baltimore and Main. I would have gotten more shots in but was confronted with a flat tire upon heading…

Kauffman Center From Inside My Car

It's been a few months since any new photos from the interior of my car and I hadn't tried any with the Kauffman Center yet...

Through the Airplane Window

The sun god smiling upon the worlds, in November 2011 on a flight from New York to Kansas City.

Kauffman Center Front Fisheye

Playing around with the fisheye lens and the steel cabling holding up the "glass curtain" at the Kauffman Center in Kansas City, engineered by Novum Structures.

At Paseo and Linwood in Kansas City

I wanted to try and grab some up close fisheye shots of the unique old traffic signal in the middle of the intersection at Paseo and Linwood, and also stuck around for some shots of a couple other notable buildings along with some abandoned…