Another post covering some of my new shots for the KC Parks Department’s Green Exposures photo project, for this I stopped at Garment District Place at 8th and Broadway last week in the early evening. I later went and caught that night’s really good hour of lighting at Washington Square Park by Crown Center which I posted last week, so while at the Garment District I had to make due with less interesting lighting. So admittedly I got a little more free with the editing to manipulate the light as much as I could. First a couple fountain shots…

Then there was this one image that has a real estate sign in the upper left. Just for teh lulz let’s have a look at the stages this photo passes through.

1) Original

Above – this is the original RAW converted to JPG at zero exposure compensation. It’s fairly uninteresting as far as I’m concerned. So since I did bracketing and burst mode with this shot and I have two other versions with a +2 and a -2 exposure compensation I’ll then run them through Photomatix and get this with the sliders a certain way…

2) Three exposures tone mapped in Photomatix

Then I wanted to meddle a bit further in Photoshop now, sometimes you have to fix things that can go wrong when using HDR, but mainly for this I just wanted some color and tone adjustments.

3) Post-Photoshop.

At the end since it doesn’t matter one way or another, and it will make the photo look better, I decided to get rid of that For Sale sign by using the Content Aware Fill function and the clone stamp in Photoshop CS5 –