On Saturday Jan. 7 2012 I shot for several hours in the two performance halls at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. They’ll be using a selection of what we shot for prints and products available through the gift shop, along with several other pictures I took in 2011 both on the interior and exterior. I’ll be trying to post a few shots this week. These are some of the first from Helzberg Hall. Muriel Kauffman Theatre to come later.

Final Shots – Casavant Frères organ.

While shooting some portfolio pics for GKD Metal Fabrics, a subcontractor on the Kauffman Center building that installed some stainless steel in Helzberg Hall around the ceiling and pipe organ, I also had the chance to go up on top of the canopy hanging from the ceiling inside Helzberg Hall – accessible by a small lift you stand in to get from just under the roof of Helzberg Hall through a hole in the floor to the top of the canopy. They had me harness up to get near the edge.

1) Front of Helzberg Hall and the pipe organ from the elevated view standing on the canopy.


3) Part of the top of the canopy on the right.

4) Canopy accessible by a lift going through the hole in the ceiling.

5) Standing above the lift down to the canopy as a couple of the Kauffman Center employees I was with were coming up the lift.

6) Some of the GKD Metal Fabrics stainless steel winding its way up to the top of Helzberg Hall, taken from the leftmost skylight space near the roof.

7) View of GKD stainless steel with the front of the hall and the canopy.

On Tuesday, Mar. 1 I had the chance to go back inside the Kauffman Center on a tour again. At present most of the seats have been installed in Helzberg Hall, pictured in both photos below. The seat installation in the adjacent Muriel Kauffman Theatre is to begin very shortly as well.

Above: Standing where part of the pipe organ will be installed.

View from the upper level at Helzberg Hall.

The remainder of my shots from my visit to the Kauffman Center site on January 28th –

Up Close On The South End of the Building

I was a little upset over my Helzberg Hall ceiling photo below as I was unable to achieve a completely perfect symmetry with the composition.

Helzberg Hall Ceiling

Both shots taken with my fisheye lens. It seems that’s been a popular lens for me to use lately as a lot of my recent stuff has been from using the fisheye.

Last Friday I had the chance again to go on-site and inside the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts for further construction and progress photography. For this post I’m showing the two venues in the building, the Muriel Kauffman Theatre and Helzberg Hall.

Muriel Kauffman Theatre Under Construction in January 2011.

In the instance of both photos I stood as far to the top and center of the interiors as I could and used my fisheye lens (Canon EF 15 mm f/2.8 Fisheye) with my 5D Mark II DSLR. I used HDR/Tone mapping in the computer post-processing to even out the differing levels of exposure that were inherent in both scenes.

Helzberg Hall Under Construction in January 2011.

The Kauffman Center is scheduled to open this coming September.

Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center

I nabbed a shot of the Helzberg Hall ceiling and details while going through the Kauffman Center for construction progress photos last week.