The Occupy KC protest picked up some steam Sunday with a round of speakers and a march to the Plaza in the afternoon from Penn Valley Memorial Park where the protest sit-in has been taking place near the IOU/USA shipping container temporary art installation by John Salvest. October 9, 2011.

A couple shots from Wednesday evening during a meeting at the Occupy KC protest’s Day 5 at Penn Valley Memorial Park. Oct. 5, 2011.

Second of my photoblog posts showing shots of the IOU/USA shipping container temporary art display on city park land across from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Click here for my previous posting of photos.

Four shots of the temporary conceptual art installation by John Salvest in Penn Valley Memorial Park that happens to be across from the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve. Made of shipping contrainers, it spells out USA and IOU.

Article on Channel 9’s website

Thanks for Tony’s Kansas City for mentioning this and bringing it to my attention.