Not far at all from where I live – and grew up too incidentally. I’ve visited four continents thus far but always after the return flight revert to a townie in the midtown area. My car from which you may have seen its interior shots is currently immobilized due to manual transmission/clutch indecisiveness and disagreeability. I am therefore confined to the Metro and on foot, so for this I did a bit not far of a walk away…

^ Above: I thought the terminal sightline view with the telephoto lens down the long street might be a little fun, but I thought compared to the fun that can be had with a wide angle it wasn’t my favorite type of shot to do. So immediately to the wide angle lens…

^ People whom I would guess don’t see in geometrics as much don’t understand why I tilt the camera a lot. All I did was line it up with the corners and lines of the sidewalk so that those lines are straight, thereby everything else is skewed.

^ Vanishing point down Roanoke Parkway next to an under-renovation apartment building between Terrace and Roanoke. Again lined up with the sidewalk as reference.

^ Sometimes photography puts you into the role of property trespasser, as I found myself here inside this circular thing with no windows on the first floor of the unoccupied apartment building under renovation. In my opinion fisheye combined with circularity works great in a lot of situations – from the Kauffman Center to a decades old Midtown apartment building.

With nothing better to do Sunday night I picked a neighborhood I’ve had good luck with in the past and went back to it. Actually I’m not all that excited about most of these photos though, it was kind of an off-night.