Kansas City Zoomed in Skyline

Downtown KC From Liberty Memorial

Here we have a couple shots from near the gates to the driveway at Liberty Memorial, a couple closer up from along the sidewalk looking toward the skyline and past the Memorial with my long telephoto lens, then off to the side where I climbed…
Kansas City Zoomed in Skyline

Drive To Downtown Chronicled From Inside My Car

A drive to downtown Kansas City, which included parking a few times to take pictures. Monday night, Sept 5 '11. After all this time I finally made a Facebook Fan Page for my pics CLICK HERE. Like I'm saying in my own FB newsfeed, click like…
Kansas City Zoomed in Skyline

KCMO Sunday Sunset Skyline

Pics mostly pointed at the Kansas City Missouri skyline on Sunday night from the vantage point of near some steps at Liberty Memorial. The first two were taken with my Canon 24-105 L lens and the remaining with my 100-400 L, with my lucky 5D…