I remember this stretch along McGee near 10th – I worked in the UMB building on the corner one summer years ago, before the Sprint Center and the tear-down of the Shoppers Parkade garage. There used to be a deli we’d get food from. Now with nothing but a giant parking lot bounded by 10th to 11th and Grand to McGee, the views have changed a lot from what I remember back in 2001.

I also meandered over to Oak Street and around City Hall too.

Power and Light Building –

Sprint Center from 10th Street looking south down McGee.

Bryant Building, Wall Sreet Tower, Town Pavillion –

The notorious Pickwick Plaza sits closed down now –

Alley behind Pickwick Plaza building –

Around 10th and Oak –

City Hall and Oak Tower –

Statue across from City Hall of former mayor Ilus Davis.