Plaza de Colón at Dusk in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The center-point of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and a hub for the touristy historic area, the public square Plaza de Colón in San Juan. A placeholder weekend post - a photo from my trip to Puerto Rico back in mid-March. I still haven't…

Two Fisheye Pics of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A couple more photos from my Puerto Rico trip back in March - I still haven't finished the editing work on the last few shots.

Toledo Federal Building, Old San Juan

The Jose V. Toledo Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico on the evening of March 21st, 2011.

Old San Juan Streetscape, Puerto Rico

A street scene looking west after sunset in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, back on March 21.

Sentry Lookout Point at Fort San Felipe del Morro in Puerto Rico

A fisheye lens scene from inside one of the old sentry lookout points at Fort San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, taken last month on my trip to the island.

Fountain in Old San Juan

The Raices Fountain by sculptor Luis Sanguino on the Paseo de la Princesa. From a Sunday afternoon in Puerto Rico two weeks ago at a fountain near city wall of Old San Juan.

Calle del Recinto Sur, Old San Juan

The old Banco Popular building at left and an establishment called Restaurant Triana on Calle del Recinto Sur in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, night of Monday March 21st.

Pare means Stop in Puerto Rico

A stop sign and street scene in Old San Juan on Sunday morning, March 20th in Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan Rockface

A walk around the wall of Old San Juan reveals this rockface that fronts the bay and weaves around to view the Atlantic Ocean. On a warm sunny afternoon like it was it's a great place to watch the waves come in and hit the rocks on shore…

Old San Juan and Plaza de Colón

Evening of Monday March 21st in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

An Atlantic View at Fort San Felipe del Morro

I just got back from a few days in Puerto Rico, which I was there mainly for my great-aunt's 90th birthday surprise party. I had a couple of days to stroll around Old San Juan (it's quite a bit different than the rest of the island), so…