Abandoned Switzer School and West Jr. High in the West Side – Shots from Wednesday night 8/31 of the old Switzer School and West Junior High in the West Side neighborhood of Kansas City, as seen from the 20th and Summit side. Looking on the Google maps I see there’s a whole other side to it down the hill to the west I should check out too. Above the entryway on this side of the building it said Public Library.

According to this Pitch article from 2008…


Switzer School, West Junior High and Switzer Annex
1810 and 1829 Madison
Yuppies continue to renovate and build on the West Side, and here’s a future condominium complex in the making. Not far from Mexican bakeries and upscale bistros, this complex of 10 lots has the potential to be a Kansas City gem once again.
History: Switzer opened in 1881 and served as a middle school for the children of West Side immigrants, first Scandinavians and then Mexicans. Educators figured the kids wouldn’t go to high school, so Switzer offered classes from seventh through 10th grades. The oldest of the abandoned schools, it’s also one of the longest abandoned, having closed in the 1980s.
Square footage: 82,596
Price: $1.6 million



EDIT on 04/17/2018 – updated view in 2017 of Switzer school after renovation to apartments.