February 27, 2011, Theis Park, Kansas City MO

On Sunday Feb. 27 – the day with all the snow, fog, and thunderstorms, I caught this strange snow formation at Theis Park across from the Nelson Atkins Museum along the banks of Brush Creek. Correct me if I’m wrong but in the time I spent there with the camera on the tripod, it looked like I could see the tides of Brush Creek receding back in to where the water is actually supposed to be contained. Prior to that it was overflowing into a low-lying portion of the park by the creek. I thought the snow arrangement here yielded a bit of visual shape.

This was near the end of Sunday February 27, the day that started with profuse fog and ended with thunderstorms that wiped away the snow from the most recent blizzard. Shot looking from Theis Park northward with my telephoto lens as far out as it goes, 400 mm looking north toward the original building to the left and the Bloch Building addition on the right.