Eighth annual Troost Festival, 31st and Troost, Kansas City MO, Saturday April 28.

Six shots from today’s Seventh Annual Troost Festival at 31st and Troost, organized by Reconciliation Services.

1) Down the street at pavement level.

2) Kauffman Center Ambassadors table at the fest.

3) Dancing in the street at 31st and Troost

4) Music down the street.

5) Hula hoop usage with my fisheye lens and cropped.

6) Father Paisius Altschul, main organizer of the Troost Fest, of Reconciliation Services at 3101 Troost.

The following are shots on my portfolio site from last year’s Troost Fest, which was better attended due to the warmer weather last year. It’s stuck in the 50 degree F range in KC this weekend.