I took a few shots Saturday afternoon of the former Katz Drug/Osco Drug at the corner of Westport Rd and Main in KCMO. I dwell not far away and heard they were going to be doing something with this building. As long as it’s not torn down for more parking.

Three different edits of the same shot, something random I took Sunday afternoon on Westport Road.

Color version.

Fisheye lens distortion corrected in Adobe Lightroom. I usually don’t like the distorion-less fisheyes but in this case I thought even it was a little interesting as well.

First one with a black and white treatment.

I live not far and grew up in the area. It’s a testament to my speed and agility that I’ve crossed Westport Road on foot as many times as I have without getting maimed or killed by traffic. It’s a street that epitomizes Kansas City’s decades-long fixation with moving cars as fast as possible and saying to hell with everything else.

Finishing up what I’m posting of new stuff I’ve conjured up to submit for the Green Exposures photo project with the KCMO Parks Department, I went to the small Pioneer Park in Westport right next to the busy intersection of Broadway and Westport Road. This sculpture group is called “The Pioneers” by Tom Beard. I assume it’s a tribute to the first settlers of Westport before it merged with the Town of Kansas, later to all become KCMO. I see there’s a beer bottle in one shot I’ll need to get rid of in Photoshop before sending it in.