Discussing the Dream Act heading into the lame duck congressional session.

There was a meeting for the Dream Act and supporters Sunday evening at St. Mark’s Methodist Church in Overland Park. I photographed a couple Dream Act rallies on the Plaza this past summer and have kept in touch with a few of the activists via Facebook. The Dream Act is legislation to provide a path to documented citizenship for children brought to this country under the age of fifteen, and who commit to two years of college work or enlist in the military.

Right now with the lame duck congressional session, Senator Harry Reid in Nevada has defeated his opponent Sharron Angle, and has also made prior statements supporting the Dream Act legislation.

The Dream Act was drafted because there is now a whole demographic in America that is culturally American but legally not. In my own opinion passing the Dream Act would be a positive, pragmatic step in immigration reform, and they always say how pragmatism was an American invention. Problem is though everything seems based on demagoguery these days, so we’ll see.

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