17th and Broadway and the Kauffman Center, February 2011.

I was out in the fog of Sunday morning getting some new shots, among them this of 17th and Broadway in the Crossroads District of KCMO just outside of the downtown loop. If not for the fog you’d see a skyline behind the Kauffman Center from this spot if I recall. The real estate market is said to be an uncertain one in the immediate vicinity of the Kauffman Center, so I figured I’d get my shots in now just in case.

Meanwhile I’ve recently gotten a bit of extra publicity with one of my Libya protestor photos from a week ago.

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    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Thanks Radioman.

      Sorry I didn’t mean to snap the other day, what I was getting at was I’m not doing photojournalism all the time, most of the time I’m not – just whatever I feel like doing – which lately has been taking photos inside skywalks just for the rare novelty of that. Union Station being so proximate was incidental but I figured hey why not make another Station shot, it’s right there anyway.


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