Backstage at Muriel Kauffman Theatre at the Kauffman Center

I don’t yet fully understand all the technologies at play inside the Kauffman Center. I’ve had them shown to me on a couple of occasions and I wish I could recite what and why this large edifice is hanging down from the ceiling behind the stage of the Muriel Kauffman Theatre but the proper response escapes me at present.

Muriel Kauffman Theatre Under Construction

A fisheye view behind the stage of the Muriel Kauffman Theatre at the Kauffman Center. As you can see there is a level underneath the stage that is made visible from this angle.

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  1. Luke LeCount
    Luke LeCount says:

    Your first photo shows what are commonly called “Linesets” in the theatre. These linesets are on a counterweight system and travel up or down, and will have items like curtains, scenery, backdrops and lighting instruments hanging on them. Hope that helps.
    I enjoy your photos of the Kauffman Center!

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Easily the most sophisticated, well-designed stage house (and auditorium) in Kansas City. And the loading dock is the best– four trucks wide at truck height within 100 feet of upstage right. Nothing like it in town.


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