Kauffman Center Construction in Feb 2011

Something of the Kauffman Center with my telephoto lens focusing on the cables descending from the south end of the building. I tilted to make the building look straight, which makes the traffic light off balance.

Pardon a self-plug, but I’ll also drop mention that a shot of mine from awhile back for AMC Theatres here in Kansas City has been used in an article in the March 4 edition of Entertainment Weekly. (clickable)

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  1. WC
    WC says:

    When my son took a graphic arts/photo class in high school, I would often refer him to your web site, which he really enjoyed.

    Your photos are just excellent. Thank you for sharing them.


  2. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    ERIC!! That is awesome! Your photos really are art, and this one looks amazing in print. Keep me posted on your future gallery shows, etc.



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