H&R Block Building and 1201 Walnut with the Stinson Sign

A bit of the downtown skyline from late last year. I had forgotten about this photo and didn’t edit it until Monday afternoon.

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  1. Nathan Choate
    Nathan Choate says:

    Cool shot Eric. I used to work at Stinson, Morrison, Hecker. They put the sign up right after I left. We had the 22nd through 29th (top) floors of that building. I used to have the most amazing views of the sunset/sunrise and thunderstorms from up there. I would say those views are about the the ONLY thing I miss about not working for a large corporate law firm anymore.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Awesome shot. I also used to work there and agree with Nathan … the views are amazing (and the only thing I miss as well … LOL)


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