As part of my work right now for the KCMO Parks Department’s Green Exposures project, I’m grabbing some new shots of places around the city overseen by the Parks Dept. that I don’t have much existing material on. For this post I have nine photos of the Colonnade at Gladstone Blvd and St. John Avenue, ending with a shot at Concourse Park. I’m posting ten images since the curvature of the Colonnade gives you a lot of material to work with when wielding wide-angle and fisheye lenses.

Concourse Park and Fountain

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    These are some great photographs. I am in a music ensemble called The Phantoms of the Opry and will be playing here Saturday, 16JUN12. I didn’t know where this place was, so I searched for it on the internet and these amazing photogrphs were in the search results. I can’t wait to see this place for myself. Thank you.

    – Paul

  2. Rebecca Koop
    Rebecca Koop says:

    Rex Hobart’s group will play this Saturday 7-9 pm.
    Some of our Hispanic food vendors will be there around 6pm .
    August 18, 2012 at the Colonnade building. It is a lovely venue for intimate concerts.
    you cannot beat FREE.


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