I took some shots today (Saturday July 9) for my friends Jason and Diana Kander as Jason had his yearly fundraising picnic for his seat as Missouri 44th District State House Representative. There was a get together at the home of some of Jason’s constituents. Jason and I were in the same high school graduating class, and I usually run in to old friends and acquaintances when I attend one of his functions.

1) Above – Jason talks to the crowd at the fundraiser.

2) Jason’s wife Diana, accomplished in her own right as one of Kansas City’s top entrepreneurs with Kander and Rigby.

3) Left to right – Genaro Ruiz, Senior Advisor to the Sly James KCMO mayoral administration on Community and Intergovernmental Affairs, Jason Kander, and Theresa Garza-Ruiz of the Jackson County Legislature.

4) Jason with former Kansas City mayor Richard Berkley, who served in office from 1979 to 1991.

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  1. radiomankc
    radiomankc says:

    Great looking couple. Must be impossible to shoot an uncomplimentary pic of Diana Kander. You should shoot more politicos, get the mayor to let you follow him around for a day. Grab the county officials. They could all use your creative sense, Eric. You make everything and everybody look great.


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